Brand Licensing

Use of the GeoWoodstock name and abbreviations, or references to GeoWoodstock property including but not limited to the side events (Midnight Madness), website, mascots, design concepts is not permitted for commercial purposes without an explicit license consent granted by location hosting director. (ie: Only the Fort Worth hosting director may grant use for GeoWoodstock Fort Worth Brand use.)

  • Use of the above is permitted on non-commercial personal-use, “home-made” items, if the items are to bring a positive view of the event. Donation of samples is suggested, not required.
  • Permission must be sought and documented for any use of the trademarks (personal or commercial)
  • We reserve the right to refuse any request, for any or no reason.
  • All designs of items (personal or commercial) must be submitted for approval. 
  • Items to be used for commercial purposes require paid licensing, MOQ of 500pcs per design at $1/pcs. Discounts available for sponsors.

Should permission be granted

  • An email of approval will be sent to you, showing permission has been granted.
  • Samples of each version/type of the item are required before mass production begins.

Tag Customers

(Read before you buy)

Tag companies are a for-profit business, even if it is believed “if the items are given not sold it is permitted” is not valid as the tag business does make a profit.

We only work with tag makers that have a give back program, the approved tag makers are:

  • GC Mini / GC Tags
  • PathTags

Are you a tag maker? Want to be added to this list? Contact us, information is available at the bottom of this document.

Additional Terms Details

  • Terms in this document can be updated with no warning and all updates are retroactive.
  • Violation of this document could lead to, but not limited to, banning from participation at the current and/or future GeoWoodstock Events.
  • All previous branding license fees must be paid in full before being approved for a new licensing agreement or vending.

Contact GW Fort Worth

Contact us by messaging the GeoWoodstock Facebook page: